Compliance Audits

A comprehensive HR Compliance Audit ensures your business fulfills all the necessary requirements for people management compliance.

  • Do your existing policies comply with current regulations?
  • Do you have a Discrimination and Harassment Policy that is relevant and complies with legislation?
  • Are your Parental Leave Policy and Annual Leave Policy up to date and in compliance with current regulation?

At Ritchie Human Resources we can conduct an in-depth audit that goes beyond a flick and tick exercise checking what policies you have in place. We will provide advice on actions you can take to minimise your exposure to key HR and IR risks.

Ask yourself if your Annual Leave Policy, Parental Leave Policy and Grievance and Complaints Policy and Procedures are relevant and in line with current regulations. How do you respond to employee issues around Flexible Work Arrangements, Redundancy or Disciplinary and Performance Management?

A Ritchie Human Resources Compliance Audit will identify the gaps in your policies and procedures and help you find solutions to problems before they become unmanageable or lead to litigation.

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